Dynamic Workforce Solutions


Life Being Dynamic

The foundation of our work life is built on the Four Dynamic Cornerstones of Extreme Customer Service.  These are:   

  • Building Relationships based on mutual respect,
  • Effective Communication to establish clear expectations and provide feedback,
  • Collaborating with others to Find Solutions,
  • Finding ways to Add Value by being proactive and innovative

What sets Dynamic apart is that these principles apply not only to our external customers, but also to our employees, whom we consider to be valued internal customers.

Our work revolves around providing local businesses with well-prepared talent to fill their jobs.  To do that, we work with those businesses directly to understand their needs and then work with job seekers to ensure that they have the training and resources they need to find and keep meaningful employment.  Your focus on assisting job seekers with creating a career path, overcoming challenges and finding work that will allow them to be self-sufficient.

Our worksites are busy, fast-paced environments where we work with partner agencies to offer these career services.  The job centers hum with activity, from workshops and job search to job fairs and interviews.  Every member of our DWFS team from the moment the customer walks in the door takes part in our customer's success.


Life At Dynamic

Our employees are given the opportunity to learn and grow throughout their entire career with DWFS.  The Dynamic Learning Community, our comprehensive, ongoing training and professional development program, provides staff with opportunities to progress in their workforce development careers through onsite training, online instruction, certification courses, speakers' series, and other opportunities.  Our employees also have access to training provided by Dynamic Works Institute, our subsidiary training organization. 

From the first day of employment, you begin earning generous paid time off hours, are provided a bank of upcoming holiday hours along with separate time off hours needed for jury duty or bereavement.

Our insurance benefits include a choice of three health plans to meet your family's needs, including both high deductible and traditional health plans.  Dental, Life Insurance and both Short-Term and Long-Term Disability plans can be added.  The company pays a substantial portion of the monthly premium adding to your overall compensation.

There are also a variety of Supplemental Life Insurance and Vision plans offered that will fit your needs and budget.


Sound like your kind of place?  Come join us!


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